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 Creating building and construction community 


We are proud of the options we can give the industry through our membership, but more importantly the community that is achieved through it. See what we can do for you today!


At Trade Associates we support our industry trades through forums, private messaging, profiling, public credit rating and much more. We want a real network, not just a website!


Whether you are looking for contracting work or you are looking for contractors, the national exposure and community produced by Trade Associates is second to none.


Whether you have just finished your apprenticeship, are running a small business or managing a sizeable company, something we all need is a good circulation of work. Some of the things we offer through membership are:

Regulation Documentation (Recent Legislation Changes, QBCC Contracts for your industry and much more..)
Industry Job Search
Job Posting
Private Membership Leads (varies depending on level of membership)
Job and Business Advertising
Uploading Work/Company Profiles
Company Management and Scheduling (through our ERP Portal which includes a full Human Resources, CRM and Accounting Platform)

All this and much more that are all implemented with user friendly dashboards so you can monitor, schedule and manage your works with ease!


We wanted more than just a job search engine, we wanted to effectively connect the building and construction industry. They say communication is key and we agree! A few of the things we have to offer through FREE membership are:

Social User Account, implemented with many social features such as:
– Like, Share, Add Friend, Private Message, Group Message, Follow, Following, and more..
Private/Public Social Wall, implemented with many social features such as:
– Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, Pinterest and many more..

Public Recent News Feed
Private/Public Forums
Private/Public Groups
Private/Public Q&A Members Area
Group Photos
Group Activities

We want connectivity amongst the trades, which in return ensures a better managed industry for us all! Most of the features we offer come with a FREE membership and we have made it our business to see that people have access to all social aspects of what we do for no cost.
We offer many more features with our membership packages depending on what package suites your needs, as well as customised packages depending where you are in business.

Get in contact with us today and see what we can do for you! It has always been our mission to strengthen the building industry which started with our own company, going through the processes of connecting with the right clients and builders and working hard at understanding standards and expectations. We identify the same things still happen in our trade today with not much resolve to keep the connection between builder/agent and contractors in a place of strength. What we do here is use our once made mistakes to create connections of reliability between our builders/agents and contractors.

Through various means of networking software and marketing applications we have formed the ability to understand what it takes for a contractor to see a job through to a quality finish and understand the builders needs so satisfaction and payment can be met. We strive to give builders and agents a reliable database of networked tradesmen to complete their jobs and tradesmen the leads to form their own structured businesses through consistent analysed work.

There is more to it than putting two people in a room, and we consider what statistics point different people and their abilities in certain directions. We enforce back ground checks and general considerations when personally connecting or referring any business groups, for the safety of our tradies and clients. We love Australia, we love our industry and we love the community this industry creates! For any further information or advice, contact us directly. We’d love to have a chat!

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