Affiliate Membership




Welcome to your Affiliate Membership Dashboard

View your progress through real-time statistics and graphs, measure where you are successful in your referring campaigns and where you are lacking. You can keep track of your earnings and your payouts and customize your dashboard settings and move forward your way!

For any further enquires or information regarding your affiliate membership or how you can earn higher comission percentages, don’t hesitate to contact us directly at [email protected]!

The Affiliate Tracking ID for signed affiliate members creates unique affiliate codes assigned to affiliate members. When someone visits the Trade Associates site using an affiliate URL (a code is passed to a page as a parameter), the affiliate’s cookie is set for 30 days (for 30 days after the user clicks your link, no matter when it is within those next 30 days, if that user purchases a package or membership you will receive a commission for being an affiliate to their purchase).

If a cookie containing an affiliate referral code is present after checkout, the order is logged in the affiliate’s account under the member’s username, earning the member a 5% commission of the total membership sign up fee (as affiliate members gain numbers, their percentage to how much they earn increases). There is no limit to how many sign-ups are permitted to an individual member. Affiliates can see a report of their activity above on the affiliate members page, showing them a full report on the tracked traffic directed under their unique membership code.

*All earnings will be paid out on a 2-week basis and paid on the dates of the 15th and 30th of every month, if not before*