Construction Affiliate Membership


Once you have been successful in registering as a Trade Associate Affiliate Member you will need to direct yourself to the Affiliate Dashboard (you can do so by clicking here) where you will have full access to all your affiliate member URLs, customized and unique URLs, statistics and graphs based on lead referrals, payouts, referred visits, your creative campaigns, settings and more.

After registration has been accepted this page will become just an instructional as to how the affiliate membership works, congratulations!

You can now make the Affiliate Dashboard your new home for earning, void this page and start your campaigns! We are happy to have you as another fellow Trade Associate!

How it Works

The Affiliate Tracking ID for signed affiliate members creates unique codes assigned to individual affiliate members. When someone visits the Trade Associates site using an affiliate’s URL (a code is passed to a page as a parameter), the affiliate’s cookie is set for 30 days (for 30 days after the user clicks your link, no matter when it is within those next 30 days, if that user purchases a package or membership you will receive a commission for being the affiliate to their purchase).

If a cookie containing an affiliate referral code is present after checkout, the order is logged in the affiliate’s account under the member’s username, earning the member a 5% commission of the total membership sign up fee (as affiliate members gain numbers, their percentage to how much they earn increases). There is no limit to how many sign-ups are permitted to an individual member. Affiliates can see a report of their activity above on the affiliate members page, showing them a full report on the tracked traffic directed under their unique membership code.

All earnings will be paid out on a 2-week basis and paid on the dates of the 15th and 30th of every month, if not before

Trade Associates: Affiliate Members Report
Trade Associates: Affiliate Members Report

The individual’s unique affiliate membership code is automatically considered at the top of this page. By following the example above, you can generate the links you are able to post and share, giving you a 30-day cookie for all directed traffic.

Your member specific directed traffic will be logged and exported fortnightly as a CSV to ensure accuracy is kept

All directed traffic from you by your unique affiliate membership code will be logged automatically in the previous report, showing you in real time, your efforts towards earning by the minute. As stated previously, you are eligible to direct as much traffic through your unique links as possible but for a complete understanding regarding mainly where not to post or share, please see our Terms and Conditions or for any further information don’t hesitate to contact us directly at [email protected]

All social media platforms are fine to direct traffic from but as stated in the Terms and Conditions, there should be no linking to any of the below and doing so could see your account suspended!

  • Pornographic websites or links of any kind
  • Gambling websites or links of any kind
  • Dating website or links of any kind

    For all information regarding your affiliation agreement see the Affiliate Membership Terms and Conditions.
    Enjoy earning in your free time, we are happy to have you aboard! 

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