Building and Construction Contracts Australia

Building and Construction Contracts Australia

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Residential Demolition

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Building and Construction Contracts Overview

Whether you’re building a house, carrying out a renovation, or you just need a written agreement between you and your subcontractors. You don’t have to use a QBCC contract. If you prefer, you can use one from an industry association, but you do need to make sure that it complies with Queensland legislation. For those wanting to use an interstate contract, unfortunately they don’t usually comply with the QBCC legislation.

Alternatively, you can develop your own contract, but if you choose this option, you must get legal advice first.

Contract for Construction Work

In the last few years the building and construction industry in Australia has felt sizeable growth. Seeing the competition in this field also increase day by day. It’s easier said than done finding the right construction contracts or the right tradesmen to complete an important build or job. Even with great experience and good building and construction knowledge, many companies struggle to get regular building and construction work.

We understand the right requirements when it comes to achieving high standards of work and the abilities and attitudes you need in good tradesmen see quality building and construction work achieved, this was why we developed Trade Associates. This is the one-stop destination for clients, agents, builders, contractors, tradesman as well as the general public who want a well done job done by a high standard contractor.

With the building and construction industry growing every day, Australia definitely has room for a good trade network that thinks for both clients and contractors. We have builders and clients posting jobs, and contractors, tradesmen and the Australian public enquiring for work. We are happy to see gaps being bridged and people happy in an industry we love working in.

Building Contractors Wanted

At Trade Associates its our goal to partner trades and fill the hole that is seeing this industry weakened by inexperienced, unorganised, and lazy companies that wrote a few lines of policy amongst contracts to have their way even at the ruin of others. We made this platform to help the builders find the right tradesmen, to help the right tradesmen find good work, and to give a hand up to those approaching this industry with a lack of knowledge.

We have implemented a job board, dedicated to Australian building and construction. Free for those simply looking for jobs to keep going strong as young tradesmen. A client and builders dashboard, where jobs can be posted and interests can be made known. A tradie community filled with events, forums, groups and much more to connect the industry trades in multiple ways communication can be achieved, and project managing systems where clients, builders and all trades can schedule and manage their workloads, keeping them honest to their time and simplifying the processes towards achieving good work and seeing payment.

Amongst the list of many things Trade Associates offers the Australian tradies is also an industry news page to keep up to date the latest information and legislation and a contracts page to understand and maintain regulation, ensuring your work keeps steady, legal direction the whole way through. Trade Associates is a single window platform for all the Australian tradies.

Register at Trade Associates and communicate with the right contractors for your construction work. We have Australia’s best builders and contractors at our platform, so you can easily make the right choice in one place. Partner with Trade Associates and find the right builders, contractors, and tradesmen as per your requirements and budget.


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