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HIA Making Housing A Priority

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HIA Making Housing A Priority


“Housing is a national priority and the appointment of Michael Sukkar as Minister for Housing is recognition of this fact,” stated Graham Wolfe, HIA’s Managing Director.

“A well-housed population is more productive, cohesive and healthy.

“Independent research shows half of all renters believe they will never afford to buy a home even though over 90 percent of renters would like to.

“Ensuring timely and cost-effective supply of affordable private housing needs strong coordination and delivery across several federal portfolios, state and local governments and industry.

Having a Housing Minister was the first policy imperative in the HIA’s ten points “Home Owner Ship Matters” policy priorities. Providing support for first home buyers to bridge the mortgage deposit gap by sidestepping lenders mortgage insurance was our second policy imperative.

Placing housing responsibility with the Assistant Treasure properly reflects the 130 billion dollar contribution that residential building construction makes to the Australian economy and to employment nationwide.

“We look forward to working with Minister Sukkar to develop policies that improve the affordability, without increasing the tax burden, including the development of a new first home loan deposit scheme,” concluded Graham Wolfe.

For further information please contact:

Graham Wolfe, Managing Director 0419 751 188 Tim Reardon, Chief Economist 0423 141 031

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