Product recalls

Portable Pool Fence Starter Kit

In January 2018, the QBCC received a complaint about the ‘Portable Pool Fence Starter Kit’ Product number SKU 42270, sold by Clark Rubber online and in stores around Australia. After investigating the product, the QBCC determined that it failed Queensland’s Pool Safety Standards, and was a non-conforming building product under the QBCC Act.

To ensure this product did not continue to present a safety to risk to Queenslanders, the Minister for Housing and Public Works issued a Ministerial Product Recall on the product.

If this product is part of your pool barrier, you can return it to a Clark Rubber store as soon as possible for a full refund, or immediately contact Clark Rubber to arrange for disassembly and removal, at no cost to you.

Before you return the product—

  • First, ensure the pool is enclosed with a compliant barrier or remove / demolish the pool.
  • Contact Clark Rubber about your rights to a full refund, including all costs of removing and returning the product, and the availability of a replacement product.

For all enquiries regarding the refund process, contact Clark Rubber on 13 80 90 or email

For information on Queensland’s Pool Safety Standards visit our pool safety overview.