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OVERVIEW – Building Contracts Australia


Whether you’re building a house, carrying out a renovation, or you just need a written agreement between you and your subcontractors. You don’t have to use a QBCC contract. If you prefer, you can use one from an industry association, but you do need to make sure that it complies with Queensland legislation. For those wanting to use an interstate contract, unfortunately they don’t usually comply with the QBCC legislation.

Alternatively, you can develop your own contract, but if you choose this option, you must get legal advice first.

Contract for construction work

Building and construction industry has got massive growth. And that’s why the competition in this field also increases day by day. It’s not an easy task to get the construction work contract. Even with great experience and good work, many companies struggle to get regular building and construction work.

We understand the requirement of people and that’s why we have developed Trade Associates. This is the one-stop destination for builders, contractors, tradesman as well as the people who are looking for the contractors. We are growing day by day and currently, we have a good network. The contractors and builders register at our platform to get genuine contracts for construction work.

Building contractors wanted

Trade Associate is a single window platform for the people who are looking for contractors to build their home or the tradesman who are looking for the job in the construction field or the builders who are looking for the construction work.

Register at Trade Associates and find out the best contractors for your building work. We have Australia’s best builders and contractors at our platform, so you can easily make a good choice from a single platform. There is no need to surf here and there, Trade Associate is the place where you can get builders, contractors as well as a tradesman as per your requirement and budget. We also provide chat forum facility.


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