What do I do if I am owed money?

If you do construction work in the building and construction industry such as, but not limited to;

  • The erection, maintenance or dismantling of scaffolding
  • Site clearance, earthmoving or excavation
  • The laying of foundations
  • Prefabrication of buildings, structure or work on and off-site
  • Site restoration, landscaping, roadways and access work
  • Painting and decorating 
  • Building certifying functions
  • The assessment of the energy efficiency of a building
  • Work performed by architects, engineers and surveyors where it relates to other construction work
  • Any other construction work
  • Or related goods and services including (but not limited to): suppliers, consultants, designers, architects, developers, investors, owner-builders, real estate agents, schools, business owners, facility managers, private hospitals and property managers;

you will need to issue a payment claim (can be your usual invoice if it meets the three criteria below) to the party who owes you the money.

A payment claim is a written request for payment. You give payment claims to an individual or a company that owes you money for the construction work or the related goods and services you have delivered under a construction contract.

What is a payment claim?

A payment claim is a written document that:

  • Identifies the construction work or related goods and services
  • States the amount of the progress payment 
  • Requests payment of that amount. 

A payment claim can be an invoice. A payment claim may be given for each reference date under a construction contract.

A reference date is:

  • A day stated under a contract which you can claim a progress payment (e.g. base stage, slab stage, fixing stage, delivery of materials to site; last day of the month; every Friday)
  • If the contract does not specify a reference date, the default reference date is the last day of the month.

What do I do if I don’t receive a response to my payment claim within the response period?

If you issue a payment claim and do not receive payment in full by the due date or a payment schedule within the response period (the earlier of the period specified in the contract or within 15 business days after receiving a payment claim), you can lodge a complaint online or by completing the Notification of Offence Form (PDF).

Return your completed form and ALL required documents by:

  • Post – GPO Box 5099, Brisbane Qld 4001
  • Email – [email protected] (all required documents must be scanned and attached)
  • In Person – QBCC service centres are listed on our website.

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